This year marks the 10th anniversary of the product implementation at PKO Agencja Ubezpieczeniowa and PKO Leasing (then Raiffeisen Insurance Agency and Raiffeisen Leasing Polska SA): a system for sales and comprehensive policy service.

MultiRIA improved the operational activity of the Agency by automating the processes of offering, and policy and after-sales service of own policies (including annexes, cancellations, and withdrawals). It accelerated the renewal and management of third-party policies, as well as the recording and management of total and partial claims. The application allows you to export sold policies to invoicing systems and to issue e-policies for download from the customer portal. The system enables settlements with insurers and repair shops. It is integrated with many external systems.

MultiRIA is still regularly developed and improved and has undergone many changes. Over the decade, it gained a lot of functionality, products of various insurance companies were added and modified. One of the most important expansions in recent years was the launch of the module for mass resumption of own policies and offering third-party motor insurance policies as part of the MultiRIA 2.0 project, which significantly improved the department’s work. It is worth noting that the users liked the new design of the screens. From 2019 on, the greatest emphasis is placed on the integration of MultiRIA with other external systems.

So far, the MultiRIA system includes over a million insurance, property, life, health and other policies. The system supports the products of several insurers with offline tariffs. Two and a half million calculations were carried out – each consisting of several offers from different insurance companies. Over 600,000 third party policies, over three thousand own policies concluded outside MRIA and over 240,000 claims have been registered.

The 10-year cooperation with VSoft was summed up by Anna Grajkowska, President of PKO Agencja Ubezpieczeniowa: “VSoft is not only a supplier of the MultiRIA system for us, but also a content partner. The team we work with not only offers us solutions to the problems we report, but also provides technical support when needed. Our cooperation is very close and structured, we are in constant contact and we are happy to share experience during weekly status meetings. Working with them, I am sure that the tasks entrusted to them will be done very well.”

Jacek Dymczak, insurance development director at VSoft, recalls the system implementation period: “Looking at that time from the perspective of 10 years, it must be admitted that this implementation was the essence of what we now call agility. Analyst, programmer, tester, implementer – hand in hand for several months at one desk with the analyst and customer tester, together they created solutions. Openness to new ideas, frequent and quick experiments minimized the time of delivering new functions. Sometimes a concept was followed by the implementation of the first version and its transfer for testing within a matter of minutes. And all this without the tools and methodologies we have today, fully based on a very close cooperation of friendly people, their competence and trust. This implementation almost became a legend in both organizations, and it keeps coming back in a variety of funny anecdotes that appear to new employees as “urban legends”. In this new, pandemic reality, walking down memory lane, we remember the great time we spent together, including the free time, in which we relaxed together after the intensive use of our creativity. For several months we were one big family, and the relationships built back then last and bear fruit to this day.”

The MultiRIA project became a milestone for us in the insurance industry development. Today, in this area, we can proudly present VSoft Insurance Platform (VIP) and VSoft Insurance Broker (VIB) products, which we are constantly developing based on the needs of the business.