Author: Jakub Rabong

After 16 years of creating processes in financial institutions, the time has come for changes and Kuba transferred himself to the IT industry, where the passion for sailing, testing games (mainly from the Battlefield series) and rowing still remains - the ergometer is useful in the garage like never before these days.

I always emphasise that one detected or, even worse, undetected fraud or a tarnished reputation due to some gaps or failures is a far greater cost to a bank than investing in a good provider who will implement certain processes

Credit systems can be presented as a set of solutions supporting the assessment of customers, transactions and risk when making decisions whether to enter into a contract or its further course.

When dividing the bank into process owners and their contractors, we must not forget that they operate within the organizational structure and competences assigned to positions/areas and tasks, resulting, among others, from strategic goals, KPIs or quality requirements etc. Due

What principles should we follow when designing online processes for banks or other financial institutions? What does it mean to be based on the client's requirements and listen to their voice? Do we really need it? We asked our expert

I need a loan of PLN 5,000. I go to the app of my bank / loan institution on my smartphone, I do not log in because my photo / image / Face ID does it for me, the basic