Author: Joanna Skawińska

At VSoft S.A., Joanna deals with functional analysis as well as the development and adaptation of IT tools to business needs in the financial area, in particular monitoring and debt collection. She has been gaining knowledge in the area of monitoring and debt collection since 2005, based on her experience in managing processes and teams responsible for monitoring and debt collection for, among others, Bank BPH S.A., Bank Pekao S.A., Alior Bank S.A., SGB-Bank S.A.

The business analyst position has been quite popular in recent years. However, do we all have the same understanding of what is hidden under both names? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to design a system without

The purpose of this article is to introduce the process of choosing a new debt collection system and show what necessary steps should be taken to make the task easier, find a partner who will support us in achieving our

Working in debt collection is burdened with a huge dose of stress that affects the employees of the debt collection department at every organizational level. Informing the client about the arrears requires preparation in the field of product knowledge, sales